The Force was with us on NYE 2014

As we have for the previous 2 years the club took the foodvan to Rosebud Police Station to cook a meal for the police on duty on New Year’s Eve.


The weather was kinder this year with a very pleasant mild day and Barry and Lynne along with Doug, Linda and Linda’s sister Emma did the cooking for 115 grateful Policemen and women who very much appreciated the club’s efforts to help them prepare for their unenviable duties on New Year’s Eve-which incidentally seemed to be rather quiet and incident free from what I can gather.


This now annual event cements an already excellent relationship between the club and our local police force and flies the club’s flag in a very positive way. Thanks to all who contributed especially Barry for bringing the van and doing all the running around on our packed roads at this time of year.


Police ATV a great asset for our community

Julie Simpson, Community Engagement Officer at the Rosebud Police Complex, was our guest speaker on April 1st.


During her inspirational presentation, Julie thanked the Rotary Club of Rosebud/Rye and Dromana Rotary for donating $3,000 and $1,000 respectively, that went towards the purchase of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) which has already proved to be an asset for local police on the Southern Peninsula. 

Rosebud Police Complex ATV
Rosebud Police Complex ATV

The ATV is totally community sponsored and is housed at the Rosebud Police Station.  It assists police members patrol the foreshore as part of Operation CampAware which is an ongoing initiative that brings together Victoria Police,  Southern Peninsula Foreshore Committees of Management and foreshore campers.
The use of the ATV as an added resource has many benefits and is not just limited to use for Operation CampAware.  It can be used for searches, fire patrols or patrols of major events on the Peninsula such as Australia Day and New Years Eve.  The vehicle provides an increase in visible police presence, increased perception of public safety and improves accessibility by police to beach and foreshore areas.