Schools survey

Teacher feedback

Kate Emry, Yr 3 teacher at Red Hill Consolidated School already had A for Attitude and used it daily in class of her own initiative. Once 'Bulk Whole Foods Market' in Somerville sponsored books for students the students had their own copies, we asked Kate to provide feedback:

"A for Attitude is an extremely suitable resource for grade 3 children. The messages and values, along with images are of high interest to them and reflect the positive messages we try to convey to them on an individual level and as a whole group.

The children felt very privileged to receive a free copy and were very respectful of their own personal copy. We used the book in many class activities and discussions for months following the initial program. Thank you."

The following teachers used the book on a weekly basis, most notably to discuss an incident. This is an excellent use of the book as then children see that it is a resource they can dip into when in need of personal guidance. Having their own copy of the book to use in class and also take home is one of the keys to the success of this project.

"The children would often read their individual copies during silent reading times and enjoyed sharing their thoughts." – Robyn Ross, Y3 teacher, Rosebud P.S.


"It is a great resource for social skills lessons and goal setting. We also make use of the digital activity pack (FabFirst5) in conjunction with our 'You Can Do It" program."

– Natalie Greer Yr3 teacher Eastbourne P.S.


"It should form part of our booklist and be given out in the first week of school"

Teachers who used the book on a monthly basis:

Teaching children resilience and persistence can be very challenging. It's very helpful to have such an appealing resource such as A for Attitude to refer to i the classroom. It's wonderful to hear the children refer to certain pages of the book and some have even memorised phrases.


I have thoroughly enjoyed using A for Attitude as a teaching resource in the area of student Well-Being. the children are enthusiastic to read, discuss and share their feelings using the book as a support.

– Belinda Coggin, Grade 3 teacher, Our Lady of Fatima


"The book was used to shape class discussions. The activity booklet was very helpful and the story about the Ant, Bee and Caterpillar was great on several levels. As we are a 'Bounce Back' school, we already have a program we use, but the 'A for Attitude' book is child friendly and it is great to have their own copy!"

– Christine Young, SEL teacher Tootgarook P.S.

Dan Koole, Grade 4 teacher at Our Lady of Fatima said:

"We need to follow up on this book and activities in grade 4."

Deputy Principals' comments

"At the end of last year we purchased a copy of A for Attitude for each staff member. I know that staff value this resource. For some it is kept at school and used regularly with their class, for others it is a resource used for them at home personally.


It is often used during staff prayer or reflection before meeting times.


I am fortunate to have a son in Year 3 who was given a copy through the great Rotary initiative. My son usually keeps his copy in his school bag so he can access it at home and school. Just the other night he was sent to his room for making a poor behavioural choice. When I went a couple of minutes later to check on him, he was sitting on his bed with his A for Attitude book open. I felt quite comfortable leaving him there as I knew he had in a sense turned to this wonderful resource for guidance and wisdom.


A wonderful resource for all!!"

Marita O'Sullivan, Deputy principal,Our Lady of Fatima P.S.


"Such a great initiative, students mention it often, have used it as a strategy when dealing with issues" – Tina Coumbe, Assistant Principal, Rye P.S.