Avenues of Service

We channel our commitment to service  locally, nationally and internationally through Avenues of Service, which are the foundation of club activity.


Come along and meet our members who have accepted the challenge to lead the Club's activities in their chosen area of responsibility. 


Rotary International's seven Areas of Focus (below) are carried out within the Avenues of Service portfolios. 

Youth Services Team - Director Neil Stitt +

Given the wide scope and accompany amount of work within the Youth Portfolio, during the 2023/2024 year, we have formed a Team - consisting of Jo McPherson, Claire Burns, Libby Wilson and represented on the Board by Neil Stitt.

Over many years, the Club has made a significant commitment to the learning and education opportunities for local young people, and we are set to continue this recognition and support this year.

To learn more about each of these initiatives, please visit our Youth page.

•   RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership


•   RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of
•   NYSF– National Youth Science Forum
.   BEAM Mentoring Program - Rosebud
    Secondary College
•   Science Experience
•   Local School Scholarships
•   MUNA - Model United Nations
•   World Challenge (Rosebud
                 Secondary College) 
.    Young Change Agents - mentor 
     support for programs with local
     primary school students 

Community Service Director - Marilyn Merrifield

Marilyn Merrifield has accepted the challenge to continue in the role in the 2022/23 year as the Club's Community Service Director. 

Marilyn's background and considerable experience working in community organisations, together with her interest in all things community, means that she is an ideal appointment for this portfolio. 

She is working to engage with local community organisations and individuals and making recommendations on how the Club can 'make a difference'. 

Membership Director - Mandy Oldridge

We welcome Mandy Oldridge to this role for the 2023/2024 year, a role that is critical to the future of the club.

Already, Mandy has facilitated two sessions determining the future 'refreshing' of the club. Her work includes engaging new members, providing a solid mentoring system for new members whilst at the same time supporting our current members.

She is also engaging with our business community, bringing together businesses and Rotary for common good. 

International Director - Sandra Fiedeldy

Sandra Fiedeldy has taken up the role of International Director for the 2022/2023 Year. 

As a significant international organisation, Rotary clubs work with communities, both locally, nationally and internationally. Specifically Rotary works in war-torn countries (such as the currently huge focus on the war in Ukraine), in developing countries and in the campaigns to rid the world of polio and malaria.


Leading a not for profit organisation in Nepal - and having lived in Nepal over several years, Sandra has a great understanding and passion for helping people who are working to improve their circumstances. 

Environment Director - Gordon Hollonds

The seventh key focus area for Rotary International, introduced in 2021, is the Environment. Gordon Hollonds, who is eminently suited to this portfolio. His interest in the environment and commitment to how Rotary can be involved is currently being seen in a number of ways. 

As a member of the team that recently led the installation of a new Rotary Warehouse Solar System, Gordon supervised the installation and monitors output and savings in Co2 emissions and fuel saved.

Gordon is also the Club's representative on the District 9820 major Rotary Centenary (R100) project to complete, connect and improve the Bay Trail.

President Elect for the 2024/2025 year

Adele joins the Board of Directors for 2023/2024 as our President Elect.

Adele is also a champion at looking after people, making sure that the catering and associated functions are taken care of, and volunteering in a range of roles.