The Rye Foreshore Market

The Rye Foreshore Market is held on the first Saturday morning of every month on the foreshore opposite the Rye Post Office at the end of Lyons Street. See map and Neil's monthly report below.

It's a fundraiser and community event...

Originally located at Rye Primary School it has been run by the Rotary Club for over 20 years as a fundraiser and community event.  


We have a variety of stalls with fruit and vegetables and plants for sale, along with homemade products such as jams and soaps as well as kitchen items, tools and clothing.

Our own custom built food van is there every month providing hot food including egg and bacon rolls, hamburgers, sausages in bread, hot dogs, steamed dim sims and jam donuts as well as cold drinks and café style coffee.


A great team of Rotarian volunteers puts this event together each month. Some of us man the gate while others work in the foodvan, where we are joined by two volunteer ladies from Rosebud Guides. 

Visit the market or run a stall ...

We would love you to join us from 8 am – 1 pm on the first Saturday of the month and if you would like to run a stall at our market please e-mail The emergency contact number is 0423116457.


August Market Report


Last Saturday I was away but I believe it was a pretty quiet market largely due to dire and unfounded weather predictions which the weather bureau seem to be making a habit of.

Site fees including insurance were $375 and food sales were $271.70.

  • Darren brought down the van,
  • Mandy and Libby were on the gate ,
  • Barry, Darren, Andree-learning the ropes as the coffee/donut person,
  • Debra from the Guides and Heather: Rotary/Guides— were in the van and
  • Micah our volunteer was helping out as well.
  • Jimbo took the van back and I await his or other reports as to how his reversing has gone-practice makes perfect Jimbo!

Lets hope for better weather for next month. At least with our larger number of people available to help we have freed up Pat to return to doing sausage sizzles at Rye Woolworths on market days which should keep him happy and also boost our income.

I received a very disappointing response from the council to our request for them to open up more than just the disabled toilet in the adjacent toilet block—they were happy to do it but wanted to charge us for the cost of cleaning it for the 6 months of the year it is not normally open—which seems a particularly uncharitable attitude to have. Libby may have higher up contacts we can approach.

We are also still waiting for the council to approve the removal of the 'make it, bake it or grow it' clause from our market licence—they want to consult the Rye Chamber of Commerce equivalent who then cancelled their meeting but we will persist as it is a pain to try and comply with.