Peninsula Trail Project - a $40m project

The Peninsula Trail is a walking, running and bike trail which extends over 100 kms. around the Mornington Peninsula.  This trail is, in parts, not yet fully connected. 


For Rotary, 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Australia - and the 'Year of Big Ideas'.  To mark this milestone, the group of eight Rotary Clubs on the Peninsula have come together and, welcomed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, will work together with the Council to make improvements and add facilities at various sites around the trail.   


The Cluster of Clubs has agreed to assist the Shire to complete and upgrade the trail with various activities as a Rotary Centennial project; it is expected that the project will take 2-3 years to complete.  This large, ambitious undertaking will surely enhance the valued environment and unique natural areas on the Peninsula, and will result in many more scenic opportunities for people to enjoy into the future.


A Planning Group comprising of representatives of each Club is meeting regularly, and the Shire Council have already acknowledged the community support that is forthcoming through Rotary. 

After community consultation, a variety of ideas have emerged, including seating, signage, maps, bike racks, exercise stations - and, to improve environmental value, the planting of trees and natural grasses.


Funding Required

The Shire is advocating to the Victorian and Federal Government to deliver a funding commitment of $40 million.

Phase 1 (2022-2026) including Baxter to Somerville, Mornington to Moorooduc and Southern Peninsula Missing Links (including Anthony’s Nose), will cost $20 million, of which the Federal Government has committed $2 million. Phase 1 outputs include $19.5 million direct and indirect economic output, 55 direct and indirect FTE jobs. The project will strengthen Peninsula’s brand as a premier cycling and walking destination.

The Shire has committed $10 million towards the total project.  


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