Rosebud Secondary College Student Support

BEAM (Brings Engagement and Meaning) - a 1:1 Mentoring Program


Following the completion of the Wellness Pavilion, Rosebud Secondary College identified to the Club, the need for a Mentoring Program.  This program, sponsored by Rotary Rosebud-Rye, brings together students together with an identified mentor from the community. 


The program aims to develop trusting, supportive relationships between carefully selected and trained community volunteers with at-risk junior secondary students.


The volunteers will have a 1:1 hour-long session every week, with volunteers passing on life skills, building self esteem and personal development. 


Activities can involved just talking, playing cards, cooking, physical activities, art, music - or whatever the mentee student chooses .... as well as regular group sessions that focus on issues pertinent to the students involved.  


Want to be involved? Have an hour to spare each week?